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Dive into the glitzy, audacious realm of glam rock with ROYAL SUGAR as they unveil their latest single, "HEELS" on September 8, 2023. With an unapologetic embrace of sonic freedom, flamboyant fashion, and larger-than-life personalities, ROYAL SUGAR takes you on a celestial journey with their iconic sound and luxurious style.

Proclaiming “I Can Hear Your HEELS Coming!,” ROYAL SUGAR delves into the realm of mythical connections and a celestial relationship with someone you only see in your dreams. The track captures the essence of a surreal relationship, one that lingers even as the dreamlike haze begins to fade.


The “Fleeting Love" singers passionate love affair with glam rock, a genre synonymous with extravagance and bold self-expression, shines through with infectious melodies, ripping guitars, and hypnotic vocals, creating a realm where the past and future collide. "It's a playful song that signifies our love affair with glam rock," said Tyler Cohenour, the frontman for Royal Sugar. "And, of course, there's the age-old dilemma: which pair of heels are we going to wear on a daily basis? It's always a tough decision," laughs Cohenour.


ROYAL SUGAR is set to transport fans deeper into the HEELS universe on September 18 with the release of a cinematic-style music video starring the rock duo. Picture a campy, retro-futuristic landscape that not only showcases the rockers' personalities but also highlights the dynamic and unique bond they share, both as a band and as best friends. Tyler’s proclivity for high-fructose corn syrup products (lollipops) and Garrett’s misguided trust in Craigslist car purchases are sure to leave fans on the edge of their HEELS, wondering what will happen next.


It's this authenticity that has propelled them to stardom with millions of fans on social media.

In an era where authenticity often feels like a rare gem, ROYAL SUGAR shines brilliantly. Their friendship and love for music are the bedrock upon which their success has been built.


"HEELS" marks a pivotal moment for Royal Sugar—a moment where they've harnessed the essence of their musical identity and visual aesthetic to create a world that's uniquely their own. The track drops September 8, 2023, on all digital platforms. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exuberant world they've crafted—a world where music, fashion, and individuality collide in a dazzling explosion of energy and creativity.



Nashville, TN